【中止CANSEL】1/10/sun - TORUS


(English follows Japanese)

Techno party that you all experience the sense of insanity through Japanese aesthetics.


-Floor 1-



Mari Sakurai

Neon Noir


-Floor 2-


Enantiomorphs [olevv x adak7]




第3回目となるゲストには、民族音楽から最新の電子音楽全般を操るフリースタイル・グルーヴで全国津々浦々のフロアを沸かせるShhhhh、そして世界中のディガーやドープなパーティーヘッズからの信頼は深く、インディペンデントで先鋭的に活躍するAKIRAM ENの2組が登場。AKIRAM ENについてはボノボ2階でのプレイは初披露となる。


TORUSのレジデントからは、白馬Concreteでパーティー’Null’を主催し、各国で高い評価を受けるレーベルからMIXを発表予定の’Devon’。そして共演には、プライベートパーティーOfflineでは重厚感と安定感のあるテクノで幅広いオーディエンスを魅了させたAjikiを招聘。さらにはBoiler Room、MUTEK、ruralなどに出演し、多様なジャンルを自由に行き来するプレイスタイルにより東京のシーンを切り開く存在として注目のMari Sakuraiも参戦。過去にドイツ大使館後援の”Berlin Gut”を共同オーガナイズ、海外の実力派ローカルDJを定期的に迎え、インターナショナルに活動するNeon Noirが登場。
















TORUS, which thrilled audiences in last two parties, will be held at bar bonobo on January 10th, 2021. We hope you will experience a moment of dream through the pleasure and joy of being bathed in Japan's best sound system. The line-up will include artists who has explored the abyss of techno and experimental music. Each expresses his and her "inner madness" through each interpretation of Japanese aesthetics to color the night of TORUS.

The third edition of TORUS will feature two guest acts: Shhhhh, whose freestyle grooves include uniqueness from ethnic music to the latest electronic music, and AKIRAM EN who has built a solid reputation as independent and radical artist with his style turning the dance floor into a left-field techno rave mixed with avant-garde essence.

Alongside with 2 main guest DJs, we have Devon who will release her new mix from reputable label and also act as TORUS resident DJ. Also, Ajiki who captivated a wide range of audiences at notable private party Offline will explores his own grooves through his unique  selection in techno. Mari Sakurai, who has appeared at Boiler Room, MUTEK, rural, and other venues, has been attracting attention as a pioneer of the Tokyo scene with her play style that moves freely between various genres. Neon Noir, who has co-organized the German Embassy-sponsored "Berlin Gut" and regularly invites talented local DJs from overseas, will also make an appearance.

On the second floor, we have a DJ unit formed by olevv and adak7, named ‘Enantiomorphs’, lures audiences with weird experimental sounds delivered with funk, played with a level of intensity as if transforming the dance floor into deep and dark swamp. Also, Astma delicates layering of techno, bass, noise, and experimental music which has surprised many experts in the industry.

The party is coming back; enjoy a swirling spectrum of insanity of Japanese aesthetics through each artist’s sound at the night of TORUS.


In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we kindly ask all visitors:

- To disinfect your hands with alcohol;

- To refrain yourself from coming to the party, if you have symptoms of a cold, fever or cough;

- Temperatures will be checked at the entrance. Guests who are found to have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher will be refused entry;

- All staff members wear masks;

- Restriction of the number of guests in order to prevent overcrowding.. Please note.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor.


- Please do not post about the venue on any social media;

- We do not have guest list;

- Smoking is allowed only at terrace on second floor;

- There is no coin locker at the venue. Keep your valuables safe;

- While enjoying yourself, please care for others as well.