7/12/mon - Oyaji Knights

Oyaji Knights

12th July Mon, 18:30~open

                            19:00~ talk start Bonobo 2F   

Moderator Toshiya Ueno

Speakers  Helena Capkova, Christophe Thouny

    (Language : English and Japanese)

20:30 or 21:00 Music starts in both 1F and 2F 


   Suda the God Hands (DJ Itako)

     KAORU (Newきんぎん)


 Nick Cage (Trance Disc Hunter)

    Toshiya the tribal (Tribal Media)

 Sei (Bonobo)

Bar   Maddie 

Terrace   Tiny Bird Coffee 

Front Bar  Bimidori 

Entrance 1000JPY one drink

Politics of Architecture 

Bedřich Feuerstein (1892-1936) was a Czech architect who searched for a perfect modern design form. He was cosmopolitan and considered himself a socialist. Feuerstein’s search for a design-perfect dignified living for everyone regardless the social status led him to France and later to Japan, where he lived in 1926-1930. He studied Japanese architecture extensively and identified an ordinary Japanese house as a model for international modern living. In 1931, Feuerstein travelled to the USSR hoping to find the ideal socialist architecture. Her returned disappointed. The ideal for him remained a simple Japanese house ...

Over the past decades, social architecture in the modernist sense has been gradually replaced with corporate architecture featuring alienating public spaces and high-density housing projects. Like other big cities, Tokyo has accommodated the global phenomenon and implemented “defensive architecture” en route to the Olympics. These elements have started filling the city in the past ten years. Large public art projects and public spaces filled with uncomfortable furniture are now a common feature. The distinction in terms of use becomes visible, “normal” users can enjoy the quirky spots, while for the less socially adapt, such as the homeless, they make daily survival more challenging.